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As licensed general contractors, our expert team at Hausz Contractors, Inc. is your partner every step of the way through your restoration project. We provide free property inspections, expert consultations, and decades of experience backed by our 5-star guarantee.





Hail Damage Restoration & Repairs

Here in the Midwest, we certainly receive our share of hailstorms each year! Often missed, hail damage isn’t always visible after the storm. It’s important to get routine inspections from a licensed, general contractor. Undetected hail damage can lead to leaks, premature aging, structural deterioration, roof rot, and further damage, especially as your property bears the burden of our seasonal changes and harsh winters.

Wind Damage Restoration & Repairs

Like hail, sometimes wind damage on your roofing systems can be missed when not visible from the ground. Wind-damaged roofing, siding, and gutters can wreak havoc on your property, increasing the potential for water damage and structural deterioration as noted above.

Water Damage Restoration & Repairs

More often than not, we definitely know when we have water damage and it can be devastating! Pesky leaks and flooding are annoying and need to be fixed immediately, they can also mean a larger issue is present. We provide emergency services to stop the leaks and remove water. We also assess your property to find out what the root problem is. In our comprehensive property inspections, we carefully review your interiors as well as your exteriors to detect “hidden” water damage. One of the most obvious signs of “undetected” water damage are stains on your walls and ceilings. To the untrained eye, these “stains” are easily missed. They can simply look like paint mishaps, but could be a sign of leaky pipes or drains inside the wall, which is a big problem later! Another common sign of water damage are cracks in the drywall. When needed, we also utilize thermal moisture scans that can detect damage, without even entering your building! If we don’t know a problem is there, we can’t fix it. We detect, mitigate, and destroy the issue before it can be a problem whenever possible.

Fire & Smoke Damage Remediation

While all storm events are stressful, fires can be one of the most frightening and emotional events you ever have to endure. Our expert teams are there with you every step of the way through the recovery process. Our remediation crews provide free damage assessments, document property and content damage, take photos and provide detailed reports to support your insurance claim. After the initial assessment, we provide smoke and soot decontamination services, and help you restore your property and belongings to a pre-loss condition whenever possible. If it can’t be restored, we help you get it replaced.

Ice Dam Removal

Snow and ice buildup are a fact of life in our harsh winters. Ice dams are usually formed along the edges of your roofing system, and can prevent melting snow from draining properly off of your roof, causing major issues and wreaking havoc on your property. Ice dams can be caused by poor insulation, which causes the roof deck to heat up and melt the snow above it. The melting snow flows down, but gets “stuck” behind the ice dam. With nowhere to go, this melting snow either refreezes into more ice, causing more ice dams, or it leaks under your roofing system and causes extreme damage to your roof, ceilings, walls, and insulation. Whatever way the thermometer goes, you want to get this taken care of immediately. We provide ice dam removal services all winter long.