Hail is one of the most destructive elements of a super cell thunderstorm, sizes can range from pea size all the way to softball size and greater. Hail once it reaches around 1" cause start to cause damage to your property and especially your roof. The larger, harder and amount of hail will determine how extensive the damage can be. The damage caused to asphalt roofing is called a bruise. The bruise occurs when the hail impacts your shingle driving the granules into or through the fiberglass matting under the asphalt section of your shingle. There can be immediate damage and cause leaking right away, sometimes the damage is harder to notice but over time the granules will wash away after a few rains and expose the matting which then gets dried out by the sun and causes the shingle to fail. 

On metal roofing you will notice dents on the ribs or the flat section of the panel.

What happens here is that  your paint  warranty is voided do to those hail impacts stretching the paint and over time some of those dents will pop out or will expand and contract do to the extreme temperature range metals go through during the duration of a day. The paint will then start to peal of flake off and it will cause it to rust and then eventually fail. The other thing I see a lot is that the hail will actually loosen up nails and or screws and allow water to intrude into these areas and cause interior damage and even mold.

Siding that is made of aluminum or metal will show the same denting as roofing material normally.

Vinyl siding will usually break when the hail impacts the siding and sometimes is hard to notice if a piece has not actually been knocked out.


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